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sorry 'bout this....

hey everyone!
sorry I didnt update sooner, life had me busy. as you probably already know I fixed the background so the text is readable. I also am in the process of making some icons for the community. I am currently busy with a presentation I dont want to do. I will be done with it on wednesday.
I have also decided to start 2 contests. You may only enter one of them, not both.
Contest 1: make an icon of recents pics of: waller and kim (from rfr) or marco and dylan (from degrassi) any animation is optional and text is a must.
Contest 2: Find out who said the following quotes and the first to email me with the answer to 2 of the three (or all of them) will win. (if you know what episode do tell)
a.)degrassi: "her brother likes to maim and kill"
b.)degrassi: "oh right Spin I'm just gonna go do that"
c.) rfr: "m for musicians with money in their name"

contest ends april 30th

*prizes to be announced once we get winners

*more contests and stuff to come.
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