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new fics

Here are two new fics I just wrote. "Past-Midnight Rendezous" isn't finishedm but the first chapter is up!

Birthday Boy


No pairings in mind, but you can interpret any way you want to.


Note: This takes place after this season, and after whatever would be the end of RFR. They’ve all graduated and gone to work/live in other places. A future fic, if you will. I don’t own the birthday song, Lily sang it to Travis in “Zen...” but I DO own the first two lines that Lily ‘sings’

Summary: Lily and the guys still love birthdays.


“His mama taught him well

He told me that he thinks I’m swell!”

Lily Randall grinned as she ended her song in a strong guitar riff and looked out at the audience, screaming and crying.

“This next song goes out to a friend of mine on his special day, his birthday. I know you’re listening. I know you’re all listening, and I think you know who you are.”

//This song will find you wherever you are

You can go high and low

Or near and far//

Travis Strong smiled as he streamed Lily’s concert through his computer. Today, he was 23. But it was like she was singing to him, back in RFR headquarters all over again.

After graduation, Travis moved back to Europe to study and “find himself”. What he found was a great observatory, but slightly neglected. Two years later, the local university began using it daily, as well as Travis, among other widely-known astronomers.

// From the plains of Alberta

To the ports of Zanzabar//

Ray Brennan laughed as he sat at his desk, watching Lily, knowing his other partners in crime were watching soon.

Ray looked away from his media played to find that Travis had signed on. The joys of the internet. Lily was in Texas, Travis was in Japan, and he was in New York, working Saturday Night Live.

123pronto: she’s kicking ass out there.

smokeandfog: yup. this is truly suffering, which will ultimately help me grow and learn, like Gandhi said, but right now all I want is to be back at headquarters with all of us together again.

123pronto: happy birthday, swami.

Ray grinned, remembering the first time he met Travis, the first time they went on air and what a disaster it was, and all the times they had, right up until Lily got signed with Capitol Records at the end of their senior year.

// When you feel you're but a distant star

This song will find you//

Robbie McGrath watched Lily sing her heart out, and then noticed that his buddy list was lit up. He set down the play list for tomorrow and started typing.

exclimationmark: she’s doing great.

123pronto: yup. never doubted her for a minute

smokeandfog: i remember her first single---and now she’s practically a world-wide phenomenon!

exclimationmark: ahh, i remember her first single too. and the drama.

123pronto: Guess it’s what made us who we are today.

exclimationmark: he’s starting to sound like you, birthday boy.

smokeandfog: never.

Robbie grinned as he turned back to Lily’s face on his computer screen.

// It'll sneak up behind you

Just to remind you

How special you are//

Lily held the last note for as long as she could, then took a huge bow as the crowd went mad.

“Happy Birthday. You know who you are, birthday boy, and you know how special the rest of you are to me.” Lily said, staring right at the camera in front of her, knowing full well that her boys were watching.

“Thanks again, Dallas! It’s been my pleasure!” Lily said as her band launched into the patented “exit” song.

Lily smiled as she grabbed the towel that was handed to her and headed straight to her tour bus, where she knew her three best friends would be, waiting for her in cyberspace.

Past-Midnight Rendezvous

PG (Just to be safe)

If you don’t figure out the pairing, then you don’t need to be reading.

Note: This takes place after “How To Lose A Girl” [2], and also has some references to “Clark Kent” And just to clarify the screen names:

Lily: shadylanelady

Ray: 123pronto

Robbie: exclimationmark

Travis: smokeandfog

Summary: Lily, Ray, and the repercussions of their kiss. With Robbie and Travis’s help, of course.


Lily sighed as she sat up to plump her pillow. It was almost three, and she hadn’t slept at all. She couldn’t stop thinking about Ray!


Ray groaned as he rolled over in his bed and tried to covers his eyes with his sheets. He’d “gone to bed” hours ago, but he couldn’t sleep. All he could think about was Lily. Ray sighed and threw hi legs over the side of his bed, then made his way over to his computer. Fan art always calmed him down.


Lily winced as she flipped on the light next to her computer. Working on lyrics always helped her calm down. As she signed on, she realized that one of the screen names under “RFR” was on. 123pronto. Ray.


Ray clicked on his internet connection and then checked his buddy list. shadylanelady was on. Lily. He decided to IM her before he lost his nerve.

123pronto: hey

shadylanelady: hey. can’t sleep?

123pronto: nope. can’t get my brain to shut off.

123pront0: oh, i just set myself up, didn’t i

shadylanelady: yeah, you did, because it’s hard to imagine that you got you brain to turn on

shadylanelady: So what could possibly be depriving you from your precious beauty sleep?

123pronto: *mock pain* i’m a natural beauty!

shadylanelady: ok...so what ARE you doing up so late?

123pronto: i could ask you the same thing.

shadylanelady: you could.

123pronto: was that sarcasm? i’m going to assume it wasn’t. what are YOU doing online so late?

shadylanelady: can’t sleep. thinking of you.

123pronto: *blushes* why i do declare!

shadylanelady: shut it. i was thinking—remember when you gave me that dead frog?

123pronto: yup.

shadylanelady: it wasn’t supposed to be dead, was it?

123pronto: nope. you shocked him when you shook the box.

shadylanelady: i know. travis told me. i just wanted to hear it from you, to make sure you really weren’t just being---

123pronto: me?

shadylanelady: yeah.

123pronto: thanks. so what are we doing now?

shadylanelady: what are you talking about?

123pronto: unless i’m even more dense than i thought, you and i were—on the verge of having a profound moment at HQ.

shadylanelady: yeah.

123pronto: so i’m dense?

shadylanelady: no, i agree.

Lily paused as she heard her dad shuffling around in the kitchen, no doubt looking for his “Breathe Right” spray.

shadylanelady: i better go. dad’s up looking for his nose-spray and i doubt he’d approve of me being online this late and *gasp* talking to boys. so i’ll talk to you?

123pronto: sure. night.

shadylanelady: night.

Shadylanelady signed off at 3:30 am


Ray leaned back in his computer chair, sighing heavily. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his computer screen as another name signed on. exclimationmark. Robbie.

123pronto: hey man

exclimationmark: hey, you’re on late

123pronto: i was talking to lily. You?

Exclimationmark: i just remember a research paper i have to turn in tomorrow. so—what’s up with lily and you?

123pronto: well i tried everything lily could think of to help get ronnie to break up with me, and none of it worked.

Exclimationmark: i know this much.

123pronto: so lily said the only tried-and-true method was to have ronnie catch me cheating on her.

Exclimationmark: with lily, I’m presuming.

123pronto: *sigh* yup.


Robbie shook his head at the screen as someone else signed on. smokeandfog-- Travis.

exclimationmark: let’s as the always wise travis

smokeandfog: ask me what?

123pronto: short version? Ronnie and I broke up because lily and I kissed, only to get ronnie to break up with me, but now we’re all messed up and I don’t know what to do about it.

smokeandfog: oh.

123pronto: so let’s here some you quote some old wise guy!

smokeandfog: actually, I have a quote from a show named Smallville

Exclamationmark: what?

123pronto: oh, I’m not even going to touch that comment.

smokeandfog: Audrey made me do it. anyway, it’s that love isn’t a planned thing, it just happens, and if you miss out on it, you never get your chance back. Or something like that.

123pronto: well. Now I know I have to take action, but HOW?

exclimationmark: I have a plan. Be at the station in 30 mins.

123pronto: ?

exclimationmark: just be there.

exclimationmark signed off at 4:00 am


Robbie grinned as he grabbed his phone and text messaged Travis.


be at the station in ten. bring candles.


this better be good.

Robbie smiled even wider as he dropped his phone into his bag and slid into a pair of jeans.
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