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Radio Free Degrassi
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About the Community:
this community is all about Degrassi: the next genertaion and Radio Free Roscoe on The-N (Noggin) you can chat, role play, post pics/stories, claim related things/people/episodes, or anythnig that has to do with these shows. the roleplay is both sets of characters toegther at one school. (yes i said one)

"miss communication", about a girl, adamo ruggiero, against all odds, andrea lewis, ashley, aubrey graham, audrey, basketball diaries, caberet, caitlyn ryan, call of the cougar, canada, careless whisper, cassie steele, chris, christina schimdt, clark kent, coming of age, count on me, craig, crush me, daniel clark, daniel morrison, dean, degrassi, degrassi community school, detention redemption, don't believe the hype, dressed in black, drive, dylan, ellie, emme, eye of the beholder, family politics, father figure part 1, fight for your right, frieday night, gangsta-gangsta, girl talk radio, hazel, holiday, hot for teacher, how soon is now?, i am question mark, j.t., jack, jagged little pill, jake epstein, jake goldsbie, jimmy, joey, karma chameleon, kate todd, kendra, kim carlisle, lauren collins, liberty, lily, manny, marco, melissa mcintyre, message in a bottle, miriam mcdonald, mirror in the bathroom, mr. armstrong, mr. simpson, mrs. kwan, ms hatzilakos, my pal pronto, nathan carter, nathan stephenson, never gonna give up, on the air, paige, parent's day, political in pink, pride part 1&2, principal waller, pronto, question mark, radio free roscoe, radio wars, ray, relax, rfr, rick, robbie, roscoe, rumors and reputations, ryan cooley, sarah barrable-tishauer, sean, secrets and lies, shady, shane kippel, shout part 1, smog, snake, spike, spinner, sports ray-dio, stacey farber, take my breath away, terri, the imposter, the mating game, the power of radio, the-n, the-n.com, this just in, toby, travis, u got the look, under pressure, wannabe, whisper to a scream, white wedding part 1&2, wierd science, written in the stars