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Well, let me give you a little background information here...
One day a girl named Kada is sitting at her computer, bored out of her mind, thinking about the fourth season of Degrassi. She decides "Hey, why don't I go check and see if www.tvtome.com has any information on the fourth season!" So Kada goes to T.V. Tome and checks. It turns out that they have spoilers for the first episode of the new season. So Kada thought that maybe her fellow Degrassi fans may want some spoilers on the new season.

Ghost In The Machine
(Part 1)
After two years Paige decides it's time to put Dean behind bars.
But she doesn't have enough evidence on her.It's been two years since her horrible experience.The day before she goes to trial.
Spinner tells her he will be there to support her.She also finds help from Manny who tells her a painful secret....

Ghost In The Machine
(Part 2)
Dean also did the same thing to Manny.On the day of the trial both Paige and Manny are there.Luckily Paige wins with the help of Manny!Paige,Manny,Jimmy,Spinner,and Hazel all go celebrate.
Happy and proud that they put Dean where he belongs......Jail

Spoilers courtesy of www.tvtome.com

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Do you know any way I could see them? Cuz I don't live in Canada!


They haven't been aired yet.
that show and "accidents will happen" will never be aired in america.. :'(