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Goldfish and Love

Goldfish and Love

PG-13 for potentially adult themes



Summary: Goldfish are love.

“X equals—some number that I don’t know!” Lily sighed as she stared at her algebra homework hopelessly. “Who needs algebra?!” Lily exclaimed as she pulled her backpack onto her lap, opened the front zip pocket, and extracted a Ziploc baggie of golden fish shaped crackers.

Lily began munching on her goldfish contentedly while a brown hair boy made his way down the stairs to the warehouse, hoping to find a quite place to finish his algebra homework as well.

Lily sighed as she opened her eyes and her gaze fell on her guitar she had left overnight from yesterday’s show.

Lily grinned as she sat up and went over to the stool it was next to and the brown haired boy grinned as he peered into the warehouse windows and saw blonde hair.

Lily situated herself and her guitar and hit one power cord and began singing. “They’re baked, not fried—their goldfish!”

“I could eat them every day!” The brown hair boy joined in with his low baritone

Lily giggled as she went into the song’s main verse.

“And my mom says that’s ok!” The two teens sang together, laughing.

“What are you doing here?” Lily asked.


“Singing and--?” Lily asked, looking at the boy.

“Math. My brother just won some kind of award again, so it’s a little noisy.” Ray smiled. “Are you here simply to sing commercial jingles in tune to power chords?” He asked.

“No, algebra for me too. My mom and dad started arguing again.”

“Oh. Well look, we can work together. You’ve got the brains and I’ve got the looks---best of both worlds.” Ray smiled as Lily got off her stool and made her way over to the couch where her backpack and Goldfish where lying out, punching Ray’s shoulder on her way over.

Ray rubbed his shoulder momentarily and then followed Lily over to the couch, pulling out his algebra worksheet. As Lily sighed and bent her head over her worksheet, fidgeting with her necklace, he sighed softly as his pants grew a bit tighter.

Lily looked at Ray from the corner of her eye as he sat next to her, grabbing a pencil out of her backpack.

“Do you mind?” He asked.

“Would you mind if I minded?” Lily asked. Lily shifted slightly as her breasts grew taunt.

“Good point.” Ray agreed. “What number are you on?” He asked.

When you don’t have much to say, and you have to look away—that’s when I love you.
Aslyn, “That’s When I Love You”
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